Wherever we are travelling, whether to the familiar or the unfamiliar, one thing that lingers in our mind is our budget, either we are on a tight budget and wants to buy all the experiences of travel possible within our strict budget or we are in a flexible budget and ready to grab any opportunity of getting the most out of the travel.

Whatever be the case, welcome to MIRAKY Homestays, where we make our guests feel at home. We have a network of Homestays across Meghalaya, and all our hosts are kind and generous at heart, ready to welcome our esteemed guests with privilege and honour.

So are you ready to experience your stay in Meghalaya with MIRAKY Homestays? Where you will get to know the locals better, get to know the hosting family better, get to know the culture better and most importantly get to taste the authentic food better.

Currently we are not linked to any online booking services. 

But you can drop us a mail or whatsapp us or through a phone call and we can arrange a stay and travel tailored for you.

Walk-in guests are also welcome, just drop in our address.